Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Electric RC Car Upgrade

Whether you are a top-notch racer wanting a complete refit or just an adolescent who want to upgrade his toy grade Electric RC Car for better performance, there are options to exercise for all budgets.

The following are some common upgrades to consider, if you find it suitable to you and your Electric RC Car. In most cases, unless you are an accomplished expert, it pays to seek a professional's help.

Motor: It is the most obvious upgrade to make for increased acceleration, more speed and better power. A lower number of turns on a motor armature give you more power but less than 6 turns will drain or burn your battery! Go for a modifiable motor or even a superior quality brushless motor. Check the upgrade needs exclusive heat sink to keep it cool.

Electronic Speed Control (ESC): Control of speed and steering is essential for off road, 1/10 and smaller RC cars as well as the need have brake facility, more than two speeds, reverse mode and a discernible neutral mode in between for better manoeuvrability and control. Unlike their servo/ mechanical counterparts, ECS give rather smooth, efficient control while being light and silent.

Body: Change of body changes the looks of your RC car. Right! But it also affects other performance parameters. You can chose a body type that gives you more manoeuvrability, less wind resistance, more traction on the rear, better balance of car and also the kind of looks you want.

Bearings: Ball bearings are the most important upgrades you can make to your Electric RC Car. It's common sense that they improve engine and drive traction performance by offering less friction. Your RC car, if on the high-end side, may already have ball bearings on the engine and transmission but you need them on axles, wheels and every other moving part for better performance.

Radio Control Electronics: The new FM (Frequency Modulation) radio based control is better than old AM (Amplitude Modulation) based control, due to less interference or disturbance in waves.

Tires: If you are a racer, sets of high friction racing tyres are needed for frequent changes just like Indy races. Even for an enthusiast or home player a tyre refit gives improved performance.

There are other upgrades like universal axles, titanium alloy tie-rods, micro-processor based, LCD equipped radio controls for better functionality, as well, depending on your budget. Happy Upgrade!

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