Friday, July 5, 2013

Kyosho Mini RC Cars

Kyosho Corporation of Japan is one of the pioneers in the field of Radio / Remote Controlled Toys. Now its mini micro RC cars have become a phenomenon due to the rising prices and other expenses involved with large RC cars.

Kyosho manufactures a wide range of RC cars like Kyosho's Mini Inferno, Kyosho's Lazer ZX-5, Kyosho's V ONE RRR etc., among others. Its most popular cars are, of course, the dominating 'Kyosho Mini Z RC Cars'. Many argue that the Kyosho's Mini Z RC is the best Mini RC car today. It has numerous fan clubs, Internet discussion forums, blogs, groups, etc that testify to the fact, besides the vast network of sellers in shops and Internet as well as the sales statistics.

Many people have hidden suppressed passions to race cars but life's twists and turns make it impossible to fulfill that passion, except only for a privileged and fortunate few. If you are person with a passio, but lack the resources to race a full-sized car, unleashing an RC model of your favorite car or even the model of the car of your favorite racer, would help you fulfill your desire, at least partially. No car other than a Kyosho's Mini (Z) RC car will aid you in your dream.

Small they are, they can adorn your drawing room cupboard or your office desk or even hidden in your jeans pocket. For all its tiny looks, it may zap at some 30 kmph on average across models.

Kyosho began production on the 'Dash 1', its first RC car, in 1970s. In the early 90's, Kyosho launched the BAJA bugs and recently the much more successful Mini Z RC cars series.

While earlier models lost sheen over the years due to many reasons, the latest advancements in technology made possible significant improvements to the RC car market with the Mini RC car segment. The Kyosho Mini RC Cars of 1/24 scale are ruling the roost.

While one is open to choices when selecting his Mini RC car, Kyosho is the choice of many. Do a good study of markets and facts, take advice of experts or experienced RC racers, and work on your budget and other aspects before making your selection. Perhaps, you would zero in on a "Kyosho Mini RC Car"!

CannonBall Mini RC Car

This tiny 2.3 inch long car in a clear bubble package, from Japan, the land of techno wonders, is on sale for as little as $12 in shops and for an unbelievable $9 in internet sites. It is quite an eye catcher.

The CannonBall Mini RC Car is available in two frequencies of 27 and 49 MHz with a fully functional remote radio control. This micro scale RC car from the CannonBall brand comes with a radio controller and battery charger for 12 or so dollars. The package also contains a few obstacles, traffic cones, and road signs.

It functions with a 2.2 size motor, and 4 AA size batteries loaded into charger not the car itself, as usual with Minis. Like others, it recharges in about 45 seconds and gives approximately 5 minutes of run time.

Like other good mini RC cars, it has high friction rubber tires that are good for racing, compared to less friction plastic tires.

It is packaged in a transparent dome with attractive body colors. The CannonBall range does not have many models - only different colors to choose from. Multiple frequencies allow simultaneous playing of more than one car, without any interference.

Apart from scarce range of models, another down side of the CannonBall Mini RC Car is the separate battery charger and radio controller. You may need up to 3 AA batteries for controller alone. This is an unnecessary waste of batteries.

The clumsy looking controller base is very easy to use, though. Racing the car is very fun, as it drives smooth and fast. It comes with a tiny dial on its underside to adjust the alignment of wheels.

Tiny as it is, it is quite fast, given its size. It could easily make your cat or dog scared, or spur it into a play, depending on your pet's mood and disposition.

There is also a micro or Mini Camouflaged War Hummer RC Car that uses a 2.6 motor and 2 AAA batteries in the charger and 3 AA batteries in the remote, to give more power. The additional power is not proportional, though.

For around 12 bucks, it's worth giving a try. Go, fire your CannonBall!

Build A Mini RC Cars

Why build a mini RC car? Besides building can be interesting and fun, it gives RC car users better understanding of what is inside the mini RC cars and the nuances of its technology. Through this knowledge, one learns how to handle the car better.

However, one can learn everything without building mini RC cars on one's own. An enthusiast can even build a mini RC car just for the fun of it.

"So, how hard is it to build?", you might ask. It is not that difficult. With well organized and liberally supplied kits and elaborate and easy to read manuals, assembling RC cars is easy. As with any technical task other than mundane chores, building a mini RC car is not a breeze if you are hasty or don't read the manual or instructions given.

First, make a realistic assessment of your needs, budget, time and skills and then decide on a model. Go and buy a kit of the chosen car at a reputed shop or website which has good service and support. Go through the entire manual before touching the kit and mark noteworthy points.

The kits are generally put up in bags: bag A, bag B and so on. Each bag is cleverly organized, so that one need not open another bag, until one bag is complete. Should you open them for any reason, take care not to mix them up otherwise you may lose your step in the building process.

A few tools are provided in kit itself, like Allen's wrenches, a few clips, nuts, screws and wires. You will also need your own hex driver, regular pliers, needle nose pliers, Philips screw driver, screw thread glue, resin core solder and other tools as specified in the directions.

The kit's manual will guide you through everything but please take note of the following: don't tighten screws too much as they may break plastic parts or break themselves in the hole and$ try to solder the leads to the motor, instead of just pushing the prongs in.

When assembling the servos and electronic parts, make sure to seat them properly. The differential must not be left loose. It also needs to be checked after breaking in for possible loosening, which may cause damage to the differential. If the assembly is for upgrading and tweaking, it is necessary to choose the right parts and accessories by paying attention to every small detail. When in trouble, seek expert advice on the Internet or off line.

When proper precautions are taken and after much practice, you can build a mini RC car and run it too!

Nitro Fuel Used in Nitro RC Monster Trucks

Nitro is a popular fuel source not only for large racing vehicles, but for RC monster trucks too. Nitro RC monster trucks offer a higher speed than regular gasoline RC monster trucks or electric RC monster trucks. Additionally, nitro RC monster trucks can awe the spectators at a sporting event with their flames and speed and add realism to the racing seen.

Nitro fuel used in nitro RC monster trucks is a combination of nitromethane, oil and methanol. The highest percentage of nitromethane used for model nitro RC monster trucks is 65%. The standard percentage of nitromethane used is usually around 20-30%. The nitro fuel generally contains 11% oil and the rest is the methanol.

The reason many racers use nitro fuel for their nitro RC monster trucks is to get more speed, power and a longer running time that an electric RC monster truck doesn't provide. Additionally, nitro fuel provides about 2.4 times more power than regular gasoline, which can give a competitor the added advantage they are looking for to edge off their competition.

There are some drawbacks to having a nitro RC monster truck. One of them includes the maintenance that is required on the vehicle to keep it in top performance. Some RC hobbyists would not see maintenance as a drawback, but rather enjoy fine tuning their nitro RC monster trucks to perfection. However, one of the biggest drawbacks that all hobbyists will agree on is the cost of replacing parts that have deteriorated due to the wear and tears the dirt created by the nitro smoke produces. One other drawback on having a nitro RC monster truck is the time it takes to clean parts after each use to keep the parts in working order and increase the time before having to purchase more parts.

Even with the drawbacks nitro RC monster trucks are a favorite among racers and other serious hobbyists, because they provide a more realistic miniature version of the full size monster trucks. The noise, the smells and the speed they produce are something anyone who likes car racing can soak in and enjoy.

Electric RC Monster Trucks Are Clean And Mean

There are two power sources currently being used for RC monster trucks. The first is electric (or battery) powered and the second is fuel powered. There are benefits and drawbacks to each power source, but to decide which source to use depends on the use of the RC monster truck.

The electric RC monster truck can be powered by rechargeable batteries. The standard life of a set of batteries in an electric RC monster truck is 6-8 minutes. Some hobbyists have gotten up to a 15 minute usage, but for the serious RC monster truck racer the time is a lot less. The speed of an electric RC monster truck is not as fast as a gas RC monster truck, but the speeds are generally around 25-40 mph. An electric RC car has reached over 100 mph breaking the speed record for RC vehicles.

Batteries used for electric RC monster trucks are usually Ni-cad or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. For electric RC monster truck racing hobbyists Ni-MH batteries are able to be charged in as quickly as 15 minutes using a quick charger. A quick charger is designed to control the circuitry inside of the battery cells to ensure the batteries are not over charged and usually have a fan to keep the batteries cooled down. An electric RC monster truck racer will have many sets of batteries for a race and will change them out in a truck pit the same as full size race cars have for their tire changes and fuel ups.

The biggest disadvantage to using an electric RC monster truck is the frequency of battery changes, but overall the electric RC monster truck runs cleaner and needs less maintenance than the gas RC monster truck. An amateur hobbyist is able to enjoy the sport quicker by purchasing an RTR (ready to run) electric RC monster truck and learn more about the maintenance and care required before deciding to purchase a gas RC monster truck.

Electric RC monster trucks are a fun way to get into the sport of RC monster truck racing or they can provide endless fun for the backyard racer. Anyway you look at it electric RC monster trucks are a clean and mean machine.

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