Saturday, July 21, 2007

Redcat RC Cars Review

Redcat separates their RC cars in two main groups:

Nitro Fueled Rc Cars

Electric Powered RC Cars
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to find out more about their remote controlled cars.

Below I made a list of the top RC models:

Top Electric Rc Cars



Top Nitro RC Cars



Monday, July 16, 2007

Hello, Rremote Controlled Cars Fans

Here are some useful articles, to read the full article click the link at the beginning of each article:

Nitro RC Cars - Racing and playing the Nitro RC cars can be fun. But when they were put to idle, when you stop to gasp or catch a breath, it dies out. It stubbornly refuses to run in idle mode, either races hard or dies out. That can be quite irritating...

Electric RC Cars - Ran for too long on RTR (ready-to-run) Electric RC Cars and now your thrills ran out of steam? Try assembling a new Electric RC Car for yourself or your friend or neighbour.

Mini RC Car - Besides building can be interesting and fun, it gives RC car users better understanding of what is inside the mini RC cars and the nuances of its technology.

Gas RC Cars